This gorgeous island in the town of Bentota, is a place where you can witness the making of the favourite cinnamon spice. It is famous for its spice heritage and the engaging water sports offered by the island.

You can experience the process of harvesting, peeling, oiling, and rolling of cinnamon on this island that is known to be run by a single family. It offers a change of scenery and a way to get familiar with this aromatic spice in its purest form. The island has cinnamon trees sprawling over acres of land, and the plantations date back to the 1900s. Breathtaking architecture and villas make the island a must visit location for tourists.

Enjoy the several water sports and activities including scuba diving, surfing and much more. Take a tour through each step in the cinnamon making process, including scraping the bark and familiarizing yourself with the various benefits of cinnamon.

The wooden core of the cinnamon tree adorns the walls of gorgeous villas. They even have places where cinnamon is dried for weeks to make cinnamon powder. Enjoy the fragrance of the spice in the air along with a cup of the freshest cinnamon tea. The place also sells cinnamon sticks, cinnamon oil, cinnamon powder and other souvenirs. The water around the island has hundreds of fish, and one of the great activities that the island offers is to stick your feet into a shallow water hole filled to the brim with fish that get to nibble on your feet lightly. Tourists find this activity to be something new and amusing.

Cinnamon Island is a small island which is located in the extreme south and is famous for its rich heritage of cinnamon plantations. Few native habitats of the island manage these plantations. The island has now become a popular tourist destination and is flocked by tourists all over the year.will get you to the centre of the town. A boat safari can take you from one island to the other easily.

Tourists can witness the entire process of harvesting, peeling, oiling, and rolling of cinnamon that is carried on by a single family for several years. This place offers a complete change of atmosphere and familiarity with the aromatic spice in its original form. If you are looking for the Best Places to visit in Bentota, Cinnamon Island should be on priority.

Enjoy a laid-back holiday filled with sunbathing, sailing, swimming, and lots of snorkeling at Cinnamon Island.

The island has beautiful cinnamon trees sprawling over hectares of land. You can witness the making of the cinnamon spice over here.

Breathtaking villas and architecture make the island a must-visit destination for tourists.

It features turquoise waters, glittering sandy beaches, and wild and nightclubs frequented by expats, travelers.

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