Folding a rose is an intermediate project that results in a beautiful, decorative flower. It all starts with a simple square that’s carefully folded into a spiral pattern. The rose comes together as four petals tightly twisted around a square base. Once you make your first rose, you’ll want to make several more so you can create an pretty paper flowers. Become an absolute expert.

1. Fold a square piece of paper in half (Start with the colored side down, white side up). Bring the bottom edge of the paper up to meet the top edge. Crease the fold with your fingers, working from the center outwards.Choose any color you’d like, so long as the two sides are different in color or texture. this is known as a “valley fold,” because it creates a little valley in the paper Almost every project begins with a valley fold or its opposite, the mountain fold, which creates a ridge.Orient the crease horizontally, with the red side down.

2. Fold the bottom half in half. Line up the bottom edge of the paper to meet the horizontal crease in the middle. Crease the new fold with your fingers.

3. Fold the top half in half. Bring the top edge of the paper to meet the bottom horizontal crease.Crease the new fold with your finger.

4. Unfold the paper. Now there are three horizontal creases in the paper making four equal sections.

5. Fold the bottom in three-quarters. Make sure your paper is oriented so that the three creases you created in the previous step are horizontal, with the red side down. Take the bottom edge of the paper (The side closest one) and drag it up across the surface of the paper until it meets the crease that is closest to the top. The crease you are trying to get the bottom edge to meet with is located one fourth of the way down the paper from the top.

6. Fold the bottom-right corner in. Take hold of the bottom-right corner (as made by the bottom crease) and make a small diagonal fold at a 45 degree angle. The corner should fold upward so that a small portion of the right edge of the paper aligns with nearest crease.

7. Unfold the paper. You should see four horizontal creases. Of your four original areas, the one second from the bottom should be divided in half by one of these horizontal creases. Additionally, in this same area, you should see two small diagonal creases on the right side.

8. Mark the creases. Using a pen or pencil, draw lines along your creases.Rotate the paper 180 degrees and repeat. Turn the paper so that the top becomes the bottom. Then, repeat steps 7 through 10.

9. Fold in the four corners. As in step 5 of Part two, fold in all four corners. You should not need to make any new creases to do this.Turn the paper over. The red side of your paper should now be face up.

10. Locate the small triangle. Along the bottom edge of your paper, you should see a small creased triangle. It has a crease down the middle, making it look like two smaller triangles that share a vertical side.

Make an inside reverse-fold in the bottom. If you don’t know what an inside reverse-fold is or forget how to do an inside reverse-fold.

Make another inside reverse-fold. In what was once the bottom left corner, you’ll need to fold another notch of a slightly different shape.Rotate and repeat. Turn the paper 90 degrees and repeat Steps 3 and 4. Do this for the 3 remaining sides.

11. Fold in the corners. Looking at your rose from the side, you should now see that you have four shapes that look like triangles with one corner chopped off (along the area you just valley-folded). Protruding from the base of each of these you should see a small triangle of the white side of your paper. Fold in the right-side point of each of these triangles.Unfold the corners and reverse fold them. Unfold the paper folds you just made to the tips.

Unfold and reverse fold. Unfold the folds you just made, and then reverse fold along the same lines, folding the tiny triangle you created in the previous step inside the rose at all four points.Fold down the edges. triangle should now have reverse folds at each edge. These will allow you to make a small fold, horizontal to the base of each triangle, folding the resulting tab outward. Do this to all four petals.

Turn it over and fold the legs in. Turn your rose over such that you are looking down into the white interior. Then, one by one, fold down each of the triangular legs.

Make a swirl. With a pair of tweezers, grab the center of what was once the “X,” and slowly but firmly continue to rotate, being careful not to tear the paper.

Get a new piece of paper. If you want to add an origami stem, start with a fresh piece of paper, preferable green.Start with the white side up and fold it in half.  fold the paper, from corner to corner, creating two triangles, then unfold.Fold the corners in. Create two more folds, folding the left and right corners in toward the center crease, creating a kite shape.Turn it over and fold upward. Flip your stem over so that the edges of the paper all , then fold the bottom point up to the top oneFold it in half. Now, fold the stem in half along the vertical axis.Fold down the sides, then reverse fold. Fold the outer part (which will become the leaf) of the paper outward, away from the inside (stem), creating two diagonal creases. Then, reverse fold the leaf out and away from the stem. It will have crease in the center.Attach the stem. Put the pointed end of the stem through the small hole in the underside of your rose where the “legs” all meet.

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